Frequently Asked Questions

At this moment, the FAQs section is reserved to Apple developers selling Mac Apps


We built a developer dashboard for Apple developers. From this specific location, a developer can monitor the level of sales and payments. He can also add, edit products. The access to the platform is free.

Developers have a form to add apps but they can also import products from Shopify and Woocommerce. Magento support is planned.

Yes and No. We are picky about quality as we believe that quality drive visitors and sales. We will only accept apps compliant to Apple Human Interface Guidelines featuring a beautiful and friendly user interface. Contact us to know if your app match our criteria.

NOTE : Code signing is mandatory.

Developers are paid automatically 3 days after the fulfillment of an order. We just deduct our commission from the total of an order. The developer just need to setup a Stripe Account or Paypal account on the MacEggs Developer dashboard. It's a simple process. If you do not have a Stripe account, you can easily create one from your MacEggs developer dashboard. It's a two minutes process.

The default commission for MacEggs is 9% per sale (as a reminder, Apple is taking 30%).

We use Shopify backend for the best security and quality of the user experience. The service is charging a fee between 2.9% and 3.4% automatically for every order depending of the location of a customer. We pay for many extensions and services. We are also investing in marketing. It's the cost for a better visibility of your products and more sales.

Example: If you sell a software at $100, $9 will go to us and $91 will go to the developer 3 days after an order is placed. We encourage developers to offer discounts for multiple licenses. Customers are buying more units when a discount is interesting. Check the FAQ about discounts based on quantity for more information and an example.

Just owned licenses. We believe that most customers hate recurring subscriptions.


We do not offer hosting services. Developers are providing a download link for a customer on their own website. For each product, we can setup a specific download link provided to the customer.


When an order is paid, we can setup an automatic URL request to the developer backend. We will send any information needed to generate a license. Most of the time, we will use the SKU of the product and the email of the customer. The format of the URL can be like this:

Another solution for a developer is to use the notification that we send per email when you get a new order.

Absolutely. We encourage developers to setup a discount based on the quantity. It's a benefit for customers and developers.

At this time, a developer need to send an email to to describe the offers. You need to provide a table with the discount scheme.


2+ = -15%

5+ = 20%

10+ = 25%

25+ = 30%

You can see an example of discounts on this product (price based) or this product (% based)


As we are based in California, digital goods are exempted of any taxes. The sales are made from our company so developers just have to pay taxes based on the income they are making from us. It's the responsibility of the developer.


We can process a refund for customers but only for two days (most customers quickly ask for a refund). As developers are paid 3 days after an order is placed, we believe it's fair to put this limitation. If an order is refunded, the order of the developer is automatically cancelled.

Yes. We are going to offer bundles of apps at certain periods of time. We will contact developers interested by these offers. Bundles are a huge opportunity to sell more licenses.

At this time, the goal is to open at the end of Summer 2020 when we will have enough developers on the platform. You can create an account at MacEggs to be notified of the grand opening.

We believe that Mac users are very picky about Mac Apps. The fact that one million iPhone and iPad apps will be available on the new generation Macs powered by ARM processors is a good news but these apps are not optimized for macOS in terms of user experience.

So the role of MacEggs is still relevant. The App Store and the Mac App Store are going to be more confusing than ever.